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Intraoral Camera - a bridge of communication between doctors and patients
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In recent years, intraoral camera (Intraoral Camera system) developed in oral medicine clinical applications has been rapidly growing popularity . Endoscope is the special structure of the imaging lens can be inserted into the mouth, teeth and soft tissue detail uptake self light irradiation , showing a clear enlarged image on the computer screen . With the assistance of the endoscope system , dentists can better identify the hard and soft tissue lesions occur . And allow patients intuitively , comprehensive understanding of the various kinds of problems exist in its own mouth . These images can also be stored in the patient database, with text, graphics , X-ray images and other information together to form a new generation of electronic medical records , access to and can be easily used for consultation, academic reports and other occasions.

To enable patients to understand their disease and to participate in decision-making situations regimen is an important feature of the new health care model. Patients because of limited vision and knowledge backgrounds , mostly in the past, the pain and discomfort occurs , or when the anterior region exterior looks great influence on the issue , will think of doctor visits . When the doctors found some shelter lesions pointed out to the patient , they are not always easy to understand the seriousness of the situation . Thus delaying even if timely treatment. When in " shocking" scene displayed in front of the lesion in patients without more description or expertise . Patients can also understand the urgency of the treatment . At this point, the physician can clear visual image of the aid , further describes the various therapeutic measures may be taken to the patient , for the patient to make a choice according to their various conditions , which greatly improved the treatment of the patient's wishes and level of participation .

Foreign private practice dentist more interested in using this technology , there are some commercial reasons. Physicians Endoscopy play a role , " inspired by consumption" , so that patients are more willing to accept treatment. The second is to record the details before endoscopic treatment . In taking irreversible treatment after the occurrence of a medical dispute if endoscopic images stored in the patient intake and the database can be used as important evidence , to protect the rights of both doctors and patients fair . Currently . Stomatology some domestic institutions . Specialist hospitals and high-level private clinics have begun to introduce this technology. Provide better services for patients. I believe that with China's overall economic development and advancement of oral medicine oral endoscopic also in the country to promote open .


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